How to get IP-address and port in JBoss AS 7.1 programmatically.

This can be achieved using the MBeanServerConnection API and the correct node and attribute names within the JBoss configuration:

// get an object
MBeanServerConnection mbServerConn = ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer();
// drill down to the 'http' node in the standard-socket-binding-group
ObjectName nameSocket = new ObjectName(",socket-binding=http");
// use the getAttribute()-method of the MBeanServerConnection object
String serverBase = "http://" + mbServerConn.getAttribute(nameSocket, "bound-address") + ":" + mbServerConn.getAttribute(nameSocket, "port")+ "/";

How to find out about the nodes and attribute names? The easiest way to achieve this, is to use the JBoss command line interface After you connected to the JBoss instance in question, use the ls command to find out about the nodes. You can use tab for autocompletion. Once you have found a leave, use the parameter -l for listing the attribute names:

ls socket-binding-group=standard-sockets
ls socket-binding-group=standard-sockets/socket-binding=http
ls - socket-binding-group=standard-sockets/socket-binding=http

The last command results in

bound true BOOLEAN
bound-address XX.YY.ZZ.WW STRING
bound-port 8080 INT
client-mappings undefined LIST
fixed-port false BOOLEAN
interface undefined STRING
multicast-address undefined STRING
multicast-port undefined INT
name http STRING
port 8080 INT

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